Terms and Conditions

This document establishes the terms and conditions by which MMN Entretenimiento, S.A. of C.V. ("Cryptorama") provides the contracted services and allows the use of its facilities to enjoy the contracted service, as well as allowing access and use of its Internet Portal ("Portal") to all the interested public. it ("Users") and establishes the policies and rules on which the service is provided. Hereinafter the "Terms and Conditions".


The visit and / or use made by any "User" of the "Portal" implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set forth herein, so you should read this document in its entirety. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions, you can not access the "Portal" or receive any service from "Cryptorama".

In order to have access to the services offered through our "Portal", it must be confirmed that they have been read, are known and that you agree with the Terms and Conditions by clicking "Accept", otherwise no it will be possible to continue using the "Portal" and no service can be provided.

"Cryptorama" reserves the right to modify at any time, totally or partially, the Terms and Conditions, so we suggest you periodically review the "Portal" in order to know the current Terms and Conditions.

a) Users

The "Users" when accessing and using the "Portal" can adopt different roles, whether they only visit the "Portal" without making the payment of the reservation of the services offered or making the payment of the reservation for themselves or for third parties on their behalf and / or with their due authorization, within this assumption parents or guardians enter in case of minors, interested, etc.

b) Object of use of the "Portal"

The use of the "Portal" is exclusively for the "Users" to consult and obtain the information that appears in it in order to reserve the services provided by "Cryptorama". The "Portal" is for personal and non-commercial use. The "Users" may receive information and pay for the reservation of the services provided by "Cryptorama" through the "Portal". Once the information is entered by the "Users" into the system used by "Cryptorama", said information is part of the database owned by "Cryptorama". With the understanding that all information of a personal nature that is provided to us is subject to our Privacy Notice.

No other use may be made of the "Portal", therefore it is forbidden to copy, display, forward, reproduce, reuse, sell, transmit, distribute, download, license, modify, publish or use in any other way the texts, images, data, graphics, brands, logos, badges and trade names, screens, articles, user names, software content or used in the "Portal" and other materials and information that appear in the "Portal" ("Content" ) for public, commercial or for any other purposes other than those indicated above. The "Content" is the property of "Cryptorama" and its rights are protected by the Industrial Property Law and its Regulations, the Federal Law of Copyright and its Regulations and by International Treaties, and whose infringement could result in liability civil and criminal. In no case may it be construed as granting a license with respect to the "Content" or any intellectual property right, nor is it authorized to form any link or make references to the "Portal".

c) Obligations of Users

The "Users" when using the "Portal" accept and are obliged to:

  • Make use of the "Portal" in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  • Do not allow access to the Portal to minors unless the access and use of the "Portal" is supervised by a User of legal age who exercises parental authority of the minor or is their guardian.
  • Not to make improper or inappropriate use of the "Portal", such as carrying out false, illegal operations or that affect the image of "Cryptorama".
  • Do not copy, distribute or disclose the personal information of any other User without their consent.
  • Provide "Cryptorama" with true, complete, correct information that corresponds to the current situation of the "Users" related to the services that you reserve through the "Portal".

All access to the "Portal", download, copy, distribution, diffusion or any other use or possession of the Content of the "Portal", other than expressly permitted in this document, is prohibited. Including, without limitation, data processing, screen reading, use or application of any automated script, script, macro, program, application, software or any similar device of a technical nature to extract, transform, copy, distribute, add, cross-reference or manipulate the "Content" or any other information or data of the "Portal" is strictly prohibited.

d) Communication of Users with Cryptorama

All communication that "Users" send by email or by any other means to "Cryptorama" will be available to the latter. In the understanding, that such communication will not be treated as confidential and that "Cryptorama" does not assume any obligation to disseminate, publish, reproduce or use or not use in any other way and for any purpose the communications sent by the "Users" , therefore, at the sole discretion of "Cryptorama" make use or not of the aforementioned statements.

In the event that the "Users" send unsolicited communications or Proposals, the latter accepts that "Cryptorama" uses the information contained in the communications or Proposals for any purpose, without the obligation to remunerate or compensate the "Users" for such use.

e) Compliance with the terms and conditions and policies

The "Users" agree to comply with the terms, conditions and policies published by "Cryptorama" in the "Portal", which will be applicable to the use that is made of it and to the information that is provided by the "Users" to the enter the Portal.

f) Reservation of rights

The Terms and Conditions do not grant the "Users" any right, it only grants you the permission to access and make use of the "Portal" in accordance with the provisions of this document. "Cryptorama" reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to revoke, suspend and cancel the access and / or use of the "Portal" to any User that in the opinion of "Cryptorama" fails to comply with the Terms and Conditions. This power may be exercised at any time and without prior notice.

g) Resignation

The "Users" recognize that the use of the global network known as the Internet as well as the access and use of web portals carry an implicit risk together with the failures of the computing equipment, systems and networks. Notwithstanding, that in "Cryptorama" we adopt measures and procedures to guarantee the security of our "Portal" and the information that is provided by this way, "Cryptorama" does not assume any responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, that derive from the fact that a third party not authorized by the "Users" have access to the personal information of the referred "Users". Also, "Cryptorama" does not grant any guarantee that it will prevent such access.

The "Users" accept that access and / or use of the "Portal" is at their own risk and that in no case "Cryptorama" is responsible for any loss or damage caused, directly or indirectly, for the aforementioned use that the "Users" make of the "Portal" and / or its "Content" or for its inability to use it, as well as the damages caused by the downloading of any audio file, data, images, materials, photographs, text, video, etc. of the "Portal".

h) No guarantee

"Cryptorama" does not guarantee that the "Portal" will operate free of errors and / or that its server (s) will be free of computer viruses or other harmful contents, devices or programs. The "Portal", its "Content" and materials are provided "as is, where it is" and "as and when available", without statements, warranties, or conditions, express or implied, of any kind with respect to the "Portal". and / or its "Content". "Cryptorama" does not offer any guarantee regarding the accuracy, reliability, integrity or updating of the "Content" of the "Portal" and does not undertake to update it.

i) Limit of liability

"Cryptorama" will in no case be responsible for the damages and losses derived from the use of the "Portal" and / or its "Content", including, without limitation, the loss of data, information or programs, damages to the computers or networks, violation of privacy and similar rights, infringement of intellectual property rights, as well as any other damage.

j) Portal Availability

Although "Cryptorama" will make reasonable efforts to make the "Content" of the "Portal" available, which at no time will represent an obligation for "Cryptorama", "Cryptorama" may interrupt access to the "Portal", or cancel access to your "Content" at any time, without prior notice or liability. "Cryptorama" will have the power to modify, correct, eliminate and, in general, make any changes to the "Content" of the "Portal" that it deems appropriate. The "Users" acknowledge and accept that third parties may have access to the "Content" of the "Portal" and that they may change or delete said "Content" without authorization of "Cryptorama", in a way that accepts, that "Cryptorama" has no control absolute on said third parties and that in no case will be responsible in the event that said changes affect to some extent the information of the "Users"

k) Test

Records stored in secure conditions by "Cryptorama" with respect to the "Portal" and / or its "Content" and access to them by "Users" are recognized and accepted by said "Users" as a means of proof of your conduct, communications and relations with the "Portal" and its "Content"

l) Compensation

The "Users" will be responsible for indemnifying "Cryptorama" for the damages derived from its non-compliance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

m) Only agreement

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the "Users" and "Cryptorama" that governs the access and use of the "Portal".

In the event that any part (s) of this document is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by a competent authority, then that part (s) shall be removed from this document without affecting the validity or possibility of execute the remaining parts.

n) Currency

The costs of the services offered in the "Portal" are expressed in Mexican pesos (MXP) in its Spanish version and in American dollars (USD) in its English version ..

o) Copyright and Trademarks

All the "Contents" of the "Portal" are the property of "Cryptorama" and are registered under copyright. Cryptorama® is a registered trademark. All rights are reserved.

p) Titles and headings

The titles and headings are included only for the ease of reading the Terms and Conditions but they should not alter in any way the interpretation of the same, and must be at all times to what is expressed in the text of this document. < / p>

q) Legislation

The "Users" agree to abide by the laws and the competent courts in Mexico City, to settle any controversy with "Cryptorama", renouncing any other jurisdiction than by their present or future domiciles, or for any other reason, I could match them.


a) Currency and inclusion

The costs and prices of the services offered in the "Portal" are expressed in Mexican pesos (MXP) in its Spanish version and in American dollars (USD) in its English version.

The payment of the established price will give rise to the "Users" to use for 60 (sixty) minutes in the facilities of "Cryptorama" that is chosen from one of the escape rooms that are provided in said facilities

b) Deposit and payment method

To make use of the services provided by "Cryptorama", it is necessary to make a deposit for the amount indicated in the "Portal" depending on the number of people selected, which must be covered at the time of making the reservation (OpenPay® ).

"Cryptorama" accepts as valid forms of payment: Cash payment in convenience stores, Electronic transfer and Credit / Debit Cards MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

c) Anticipation

"Cryptorama" provides live entertainment so it is essential to arrive 10 minutes before the reserved and assigned time.

In the event that the "Users" do not arrive at the facilities of "Cryptorama" with the anticipation indicated above, "Cryptorama" will not allow access to its facilities and will not be obliged to provide and / or provide the corresponding service that has been booked, this without responsibility of any kind for "Cryptorama".

d) Cancellation policy

In order to make any type of modification or cancellation to the services provided by "Cryptorama", it must be done at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the start time of the escape room provided by "Cryptorama".

So that "Cryptorama" will not make any type of refund and / or refund in case the reservation is canceled to participate in the games that "Cryptorama" offers with less than twenty-four (24) hours.

Likewise, "Cryptorama" will not make any type of refund and / or refund in case the "Users" do not show up at the "Cryptorama" facilities where the contracted service is provided.

The only valid and acceptable forms by "Cryptorama" for the modifications and / or cancellations that the "Users" deem pertinent are made by telephone to the number +52 999 518-2318; or by email from the confirmation email that was received at the time of making the respective reservation.

e) Conditions of use

To receive the contracted services and be able to enter the escape rooms offered by "Cryptorama" it is necessary that the "Users" strictly comply with the following conditions of use:

  1. All participants must follow the rules and instructions of the staff of "Cryptorama", including the Manager who will be responsible for providing the guidelines of the game. Among these rules are:
    • Do not enter under the influence of any type of drug or alcohol
    • Do not use objects external to the escape room (cell phones, calculators, flashlights, etc.).
    • Follow the directions provided
    • Show a behavior of respect and tolerance towards the people who participate in the game and are inside the escape room or inside the facilities of "Cryptorama"
    • Do not climb
    • Do not use excessive force do not break anything
    • Do not touch objects marked with a no-touch signal
    • No type of hazardous material, food, and / or alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises
    • You can not smoke inside the facilities
    • Follow and respect the indications provided by the signs that are inside the escape rooms and games provided by "Cryptorama"
  2. "Cryptorama" is a game of mental ability, logic and common sense, so the rules and instructions provided must be followed at all times.
  3. "Cryptorama" reserves at all times the right, without any responsibility whatsoever, to prohibit or prevent entry to its facilities or escape rooms, to any person who in his or her judgment is not in physical, mental or health conditions to comply with the instructions and rules of the games. Likewise, the "Users" expressly accept that "Cryptorama" may request the departure of their facilities and even use public force to remove from their facilities and escape rooms all those who do not comply with the rules, indications, rules and prohibitions applicable in the respective games. In those cases no amount will be refunded to the "Users"
  4. Due to the dynamics of the games and escape rooms of "Cryptorama", these games and escape rooms must remain closed, without this implying the deprivation of freedom of any of the "Users", since all the Participants can leave at the time that best suits them and so they wish, including an exit key inside each escape room, so they set aside and release any responsibility in this regard to "Cryptorama".
  5. "Cryptorama" is not responsible for any type of accident or physical or moral damage that may be suffered by the "Users" within its facilities, for which the "Users" state that they do not reserve any action or right to claim to "Cryptorama" in this respect and they demarcate and release any type of responsibility on the subject.
  6. All minors under the age of sixteen (16) who participate in the games and escape rooms within the facilities of "Cryptorama" must be accompanied by an adult.
  7. Any damage caused to the property and facilities of "Cryptorama" will be covered by the "Users" that cause them, authorizing, in its case, "Cryptorama" to charge the amount of said damages to the credit / debit card with which the service was covered. Likewise, the "Users" may be subject to the sanctions established in the applicable legal provisions in case of causing damage to the facilities of "Cryptorama"
  8. "Cryptorama" will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any kind of good property or the use of the "Users" in the development of the game or within the facilities of "Cryptorama"

f) Limit of liability

"Cryptorama" will in no case be responsible for the damages and losses derived from the use of its facilities and participation of the "Users" in the same and in the respective escape rooms, including, without limitation, the loss of objects , own property damage, etc. ..

g) Legislation

The "Users" agree to abide by the laws and the competent courts in Mexico City, to settle any controversy with "Cryptorama", renouncing any other jurisdiction than by their present or future domiciles, or for any other reason, I could match them.

h) Acceptance

By "clicking" on the acceptance box and completing the corresponding reservation, it is understood that the "Users" fully accept the corresponding terms and conditions, policies and rules of use, releasing "Cryptorama" of any type of complaint about it.